Marie Sutro

Marie Sutro was born in the San Francisco Bay Area, which serves as the setting for her new novel, Dark Associations. As soon as she learned to read, she developed an insatiable appetite for books. With each new story, Marie became more fascinated with the trans-formative power of words. The magic she discovered in those printed pages sparked an ardent desire to write stories, which continues to this day.

Dedicated to her craft, she spent years honing her skills. Over the last several years, the process reached its pinnacle with the help of New York Times Best-Selling Author, Steve Alten.

Marie remains committed to sharing the knowledge that has brought so much joy to her life. She volunteers with California Library Literacy Services, helping adults improve their reading and writing skills. Marie is also a member of the acclaimed mystery writers organization, Sisters in Crime.

Her new suspense novel, Dark Associations, was released on January 10, 2017. The story is inspired by family history – her great-grandfather, grandfather and father, all having served in the San Francisco Police Department.